Welcome to my shop and collections of small original drawings from my home on the far north coast of Scotland.

Years of commissions as an animal portrait artist and a formal training in landscape architecture have combined to influence my style as a graphic fine artist. I might also have a thing about sheep!

Each drawing takes time and concentration so very much part of our slow-life here in the Highlands. I often sell-out of my originals, but you can still enjoy my work as greetings cards and prints.

I hope you find what you are looking for whether it’s a special gift, a portrait to cherish or the perfect card.

art collections
Black and white photo of a Sutherland beach by ANGELA J SIMPSON

nature’s notan

My eye is attracted to high contrasts and a splash of vivid colour. Shadows, silhouettes and patterns in the landscape, deep wrinkles and marbled furrows. A local distinctiveness that I describe as “nature’s notan”. Follow my inspiration on instagram

Charcoal drawing of pine trees Copyright ANGELA J SIMPSON

a graphic quality

Smaller artwork gives me the satisfaction of completion in the same day.  I work mostly in my studio or out in the open when the Highland weather allows. Ink, charcoal and graphite help me create a monochromatic, graphic quality and soft pastels give me softness and colour when I need it.

Packaging for a small ink portrait of a sheep by ANGELA J SIMPSON

straight off the easel

All my original artwork is shipped unframed, straight “off the easel” for ease of postage and to enable you to choose a frame to suit your taste. I’d be delighted to give you some advice on framing, just send me a message.

just ask
A digital drawing of Titus by ANGELA J SIMPSON

a virtual sketchbook

My ipad is my virtual sketchbook - a digital form of rendering using a stylus and a screen -  no pencil sharpenings on the floor, no dirty smudges on my face! Many of my designs for greetings card are drawn in this way.

The eye of a commissioned dog portrait by ANGELA J SIMPSON

cherished portraits

Our pets are with us for just a short time but a commissioned portrait can capture the memories we cherish, that particular look in the eyes and a distinctive personality. These take a little longer, reflected in the price with satisfaction guaranteed.

pastel portrait of a sheep called Lydia copyright ANGELA J SIMPSON


It means a lot to know you are happy with your purchase or commission. Jill said of “Lydia” that “her presence in this house is so real. She soothes my soul”

I’d love to hear from you about your purchase, so please keep in touch.


My bee is a developed version of a childhood doodle and features as an embossed logo or a watermark.

Only when we stop and listen do we hear the sound of the busy bee, a joyful indicator of environmental balance.